A Step Back in Time: Our 90’s RnB-Themed Photoshoot


On 1st June, I embarked on a journey back to the 90s with an incredible RnB-themed hen do/bridal photoshoot, and I couldn't be more thrilled to share the details with you all! Collaborating with a fabulous group of wedding suppliers and models, we captured the essence of nostalgia and style and it took me dancing and mixing back to my youth.  All from inside a car park in Huddersfield.

The Inspiration

The vibrant colors reflecting from CDs served as the primary inspiration for our creations. For the bride, I was instructed to go for shades of green, and crafted two stunning headpieces to suit different hairstyles. It turned out that I needed both designs as there was a model swap, so design 2, the bow fitted in perfectly.  I’m delighted with how versatile and beautiful the designs turned out!

The Team Behind the Magic

This shoot was a true collaborative effort. We all went away with the brief and came together in an empty urban space to bring a individual talents and turn them into a cohesive spark of colour and energy. A big thank you goes out to everyone who played a part (Instagram handles below).

Special thanks to Tereza for organizing the shoot, and to our models Blossom, Celina, Naomi, Sarah, and Tania, who brought so much life and energy to the theme. And of course, kudos to Abi for the impeccable hairstyling.

On set

The whole plan came together seamlessly, resulting in an amazing look and vibe that truly captured the spirit of 90’s RnB. I did end up explaining music artists and ways of life from the time to the models. It's like someone explaining the early 70's to me back in the day I suppose. Eek.  The combination of creativity, collaboration, and attention to detail was evident in every shot.

Stay tuned for the stunning photos from this shoot, coming soon! I can’t wait to share the final images when we get them from Tereza.

Behind the Scenes

For a sneak peek behind the scenes of the make and shoot as well as the final photos check out this vid.

For the curved fan piece

I started by layering a vibrant lime green and darker green toule, before shaping the piece into a a layered fan with curves and edges.  The lines are exentuated with satin ribbon strips and rhinestone gems all leading from a flowing cluster of gems at the top crown corner.

Further wavy satin ribbons were added once they had been moulded and were dry.

The headband is intented to give the impression of a headscarf, but is stretchy for security and ease.


Again layered shades of bright green, but this time the look was created by fusing together sheets of sinamay fabric.  The size of the bow was really important when considering balance with the model's features so as to look intentionally bold, but not uncomfortable or a characature statement.

The bow was shaped, moulded and stiffened before being fixed to a velvety headband and decorated with a few carefully placed gems.  To bring in some relation to the fan piece, the wavy ribbon was added as a finishing touch.


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Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. I love hearing from you and are always here to bring your bridal headwear dreams to life!

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