Be free in expression of your personality

I thought I would illustrate how impactful and empowering hats, fascinators and clothing can be in allowing you to be free in expression of your personality whether conservative, tame, wild, theatrical, escapist - and more - in a world where most have to conform to a company persona in a day to day setting.

I wrote this blog while sat in Download Festival traffic and so it starts with a fezzy theme.

The festival outfit is a form of self-expression and should reflect your individual style and personality in a literal arena of escapism. The festival headdress can range from the bendy wire with a few teeny satin flowers, through to steam punk, fantasy, boho, right on up to the extravagant carnival display of feathers and glitter.

As much as someone should feel themselves in the understated or cheap n cheerful, why not feel free to step out in bold, colourful, and unique outfits?

On the flip side, if you’re one to negatively comment on someone else’s (non-harmful/offensive) chosen style consider why you may have any right to pass judgement on something so personal as how someone chooses to present their own self to the world. Celebrate individuality, everybody’s authentic self and uniqueness even if it’s not to your own taste or beliefs. After all who is anyone to tell you what to wear on your day off if it’s truly not harmful to anyone. Be your own beautiful!

Pinterest is jam packed full of the most amazing creations, some you can admire just as a work of art in itself. Pieces may include a mix of natural elements like feathers and sculpted twigs, but for longevity it’s mostly synthetic materials such as flowers, feathers, leaves, glitter, rhinestones, pom poms and ribbon. The headdress may also incorporate themes inspired by popular culture, nature, or spirituality depending on who you want to be - for a lot of people - just for those few days. When choosing a headdress, it's important to consider your budget, your style, how you’re going to be able to look after it , the festival theme and if you’ll use it again and again. It’s also no good having a display of real flowers on your head if you’ve got allergies.

It’s worth having a gander at what’s out there on the interweb to enable you to express your own outward personality.. it’s also worth asking me to knock something up. In the meantime here’s a collection from me that’s geared towards the ‘something a bit more special’ to help with the summer vibe, but the more subdued end of the spectrum of extravagant possibility.

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