Consultation experiences

The Rach Hat: A Perfect Match for Style and Personality

This exquisite piece features a button crown adorned with delicately handcrafted flowers, sparkling gems, and elegant ostrich feathers. The client's specific requirements were to have a hat that perfectly complemented their dress and shoes, while radiating personality, other than that “just do what you think”.

Colours and style

 I drew influence from the client's dress and shoes, carefully studying their style, colour palette, and overall aesthetic. By understanding the client's preferences and desired impact, I embarked on a mission to create a hat that would seamlessly integrate into their ensemble.

The Meticulous Design Process

The creation of The Rach Hat involved a meticulous design process that ensured every detail was carefully considered. I began by moulding the perfect button crown hat base, taking into account the client's petite frame and their desire for a hat that was not overly large. The client was given various choices of colour make up - all pink - all green - various mixes. Then I just went with it as I built the piece.

The mock-ups and finished pieces 

Handcrafted Elegance: Flowers, Gems, and Ostrich Feathers

To add a touch of elegance and uniqueness, I opted for delicate handmade flowers to adorn the crown of The Rach Hat.  Sparkling gems were carefully selected to add a touch of glamour, catching the light and adding the signature sparkle.

To complete the ensemble, I incorporated exquisite ostrich feathers, carefully chosen for their luxurious texture and graceful appearance. These feathers added a sense of movement and whimsy to The Rach Hat, ensuring it stood out as a captivating accessory.


The Letitia: Formal ladies event


The Letitia was created to closely match a handmade outfit for a formal ladies day event. I didn’t have the time available to make the whole outfit unfortunately, but that would’ve been an amazing opportunity if I had.

The brief was for a comb fascinator, similar to the style sent by photo, to match fabric samples sent and to also give a bit of height. Colours should absolutely be client’s brand colours of yellow, black and white.

The colours and style

The colours were to match the car club colours of yellow, white and black. They should more also incorporate elements of the dress and fabric samples were sent over. The client also asked for a similar style to a piece that she already had and knew suited. I can follow similar lines to other work, but they will never be exactly the same due to ethics and my own style. I can only create and put my name to a piece that is absolutely Rarakoala, although I am often inspired by magical works from other designers as we all are.

The mock-ups and finished piece

The initial design didn’t have the black feathers rising at the top of the piece. Letitia asked if she could have more height, so these hand-stripped feathers were included. Letitia was really happy with the end result and her partner has left a review on my Facebook page. She has modelled it slightly higher on the head than the design plan so that it is more flat across the head than in a vertical direction. this is absolutely fine though, be you and wear it your way.

The Lynne: Creating a Unique Headband for the Mother of the Groom: A Special Touch for a Wedding

In any wedding the bride should absolutely steal the show.  It’s also an important day for the parents and this mother of the groom was brimming with excitement for the event.

Finding Inspiration: A Star-Studded Headband

My client, a proud mother of the groom, came across a captivating photo of a movie star wearing a headband around the back of her head.  This is an absolutely twist from the norm. She instantly fell in love with the accessory and envisioned something similar for her son's wedding. With this inspiration in mind, we embarked on the journey of creating a one-of-a-kind headband that would perfectly complement the client's outfit.

Matching Colors and Style: A Harmonious Ensemble

One of the crucial aspects of designing a headpiece is ensuring that it harmonises with the client's attire. I carefully examined the colors and style of the client's outfit to create a headband that would seamlessly blend in. By selecting complementary shades and incorporating elements of her own style and visions, I aimed to create a headband that would be a true showstopper.

Exploring Floral Decoration Options

During the design process, I presented the client with various floral decoration options to choose from and much to her own surprise she completely moved away from her intentions of a small piece to a larger display, but still with the sense of delicacy and sophistication.  I then presented a drawing of my intention from the base construction through to the enhancement of the overall look of the headband in order to provide the basis for the quote.

The Importance of the First Mock-up: Fine-Tuning the Design

Once I had a clear vision of the headband's style and decorations, I created a mock-up to showcase the design. This step was crucial in determining the final look and making any necessary adjustments. I valued the client's feedback and worked closely with her to ensure that the design met her expectations. It's important to note that significant changes made after this point would incur additional charges, as it would require additional time and resources.

Crafting the Final Headband: A Masterpiece Unveiled

After some fine-tuning, I proceeded to create the final headband. I carefully selected sinamay fabric, ribbons, blackberries, and floral decorations and gems to bring the design to life. The headband was meticulously crafted to ensure comfort and durability, guaranteeing that it would withstand the entire wedding celebration.

Securing the Headband: A Perfect Fit

To ensure that the headband stayed securely in place throughout the event, I attached combs and hooks that would allow the hairdresser to anchor it into the client's updo. This method provided both stability and comfort, making sure the mother of the groom could enjoy the festivities without any worries.

Creating a unique headband for the mother of the groom is a meticulous process that requires attention to detail and a deep understanding of the client's vision. By matching colors and style, exploring various floral decoration options, and fine-tuning the design through mock-ups, I ensure that the final headband is a masterpiece that perfectly complements the client's outfit. With skillful craftsmanship and secure fastening techniques, I can create a headband that not only adds an exquisite touch to the wedding ensemble but also provides comfort and confidence throughout the celebration.