How to wear your fascinator


Wearing an elastic fixing or headband fascinator can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit or your vibe at a festival .The intuitive action when people try on my hats is for them to put the elastic under the chin. Don’t do that, it looks very odd and you’ll find yourself feeling like you’re trapped in an egg slicer.

Put the elastic over your head like you would with a makeup headband, with the hat at your chin or on your chest. Flick your hair over the elastic if you have long hair, then move the hat up into place. Place the fascinator on the side of your head, tilted at a slight angle. Manipulate your hair so it covers the elastic. Secure it in place with bobby pins if extra security is required. Try and wear it as the designer has suggested.

I can add combs, headbands and all sorts for a more secure fixing if you’re worried, but elastic is usually enough.  Hats and fascinators can be elastic, headband, combs, and clips. The description will state the fixing and any fixing options. Some will ask your preference.   Brooches and hairslides. The fixing will be applied when you have specified your preference of a brooch or hairslide, where the option is given.  Basically, if I give you options or you would like more security then we need to allow a little more time for delivery.