There’s inspiration everywhere!

Finding Inspiration on and offline: Translating Ideas into Hat Designs

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest have become a treasure trove of inspiration for creativity at our finger tips.  I'm constantly winding my way down social media rabbit holes after saying, “I'll just quickly check my phone” then emerge with bookmarked Instagrams, tweets and added Pins.  There's literally inspiration everywhere.  It's overwhelming at times and I have so many ideas and huge excitement at bringing them to life that it adds quite a bit of pressure and I'm always telling myself to chill.  There is no deadline here.

Inspired by a photograph with a surprise twist


One particular photo on Twitter caught my eye and sparked my imagination. It was a stunning image posted by @purpleswanphotography, showcasing a vibrant array of colours and textures. Instantly, I felt a surge of inspiration, and the Yellow Swan hat was born.

The Yellow Swan hat is an embodiment of the photo's vibrancy and energy. It features a sunny yellow base adorned with intricate patterns and textures, reminiscent of the photo's captivating elements. The hat serves as a testament to the power of visual inspiration and how it can be translated into tangible creations…..but the most surprising thing is when in response the photographer said, “That is so sweet. I will do my utmost to keep finding colour for you to be inspired by which, for a colour blind photographer, is amazing! “. Wow! 

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