What to expect from a consultation

What to expect from a consultation

There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation.


It all begins with an idea. Maybe you have an occasion coming up, an outfit to match or just want something because you want it.

The consultation can be via Zoom, in person and facetime. The majority so far have been via Messenger and Whatsapp, just be ready to send a few photos of yourself if it’s for a hat or fascinator.

If it helps you, you can share a Pinterest board with me or just have inspirational pictures to show. If you have an outfit in mind it helps if you have a picture or the actual item for me to look at.

We’ll chat and bounce some ideas around.

After that, if you’re happy with any drawings, I’ll make a mock-up and it’s at this point that I will require a 50% deposit to cover materials and time. Any changes major changes after the agreed mock-up will be at an extra cost.